23 Jun 2011
June 23, 2011

Huffing Effects

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Huffing EffectsHuffing effects are what happens when you inhale a chemical vapor through your nose or mouth. The chemicals can be poured into a bag or on a rag and held over your mouth and nose to be inhaled. Then they can be inhaled from the container its in or by spraying into the mouth or nose. There are four different kinds of chemicals that can be inhaled by huffing.

The first of the huffing chemicals is nitrites which is used as a sexual enhancer usually sold as a room deodorizer or liquid incense. The second is volatile solvents which are gasoline, correction fluid, glue,paint removers, paint thinners and rubber cement. Then third is gases like nitrous oxide that is found in whipped cream canisters, chloroform and propane. Then the fourth is aerosol sprays like spray paint, lighters, air fresheners, deodorants and hair sprays. Most of these things are household products. That is why they are so dangerous, because they are so easy to get a hold of and are cheap.

Huffing and Huffing Effects Are The Third Most Abused Substance Among Teenagers

Some of the most important huffing effects signs of a teen huffing are pale skin, slurred speech, sores around mouth and nose, chemical smell on clothes, glassy eyes, weight loss, drunken appearance, nervous and mood swings and missing or empty containers that are left around the trash can. The main thing to do is try to educate the kids on how dangerous huffing and the huffing effects are and it could cause death. A computer spray that is called dust-off that is being huffed has caused a few deaths already.

Huffing Effects and Abuse Can Be Fatal

The parents need to be involved in the kids lives so that they can recognize the warning signs before it is too late.