Addiction Recovery

Addiction RecoveryAddiction recovery is possible. You may have attempted it in the past, but with few results. You may have seen your friends fail time and again as they try to clean up their lives. Difficult as it may be, don’t get discouraged. Achieving long-term addiction recovery is hard work, it requires much maintenance, but it is not impossible.

Talk To An Addiction Recovery Counselor

Seek professional counseling for your addiction and any co-occurring disorders, which the counselor may be able to help you identify for the very first time in addiction recovery. A counselor will be able to help you explore your treatment options – inpatient, outpatient or long-term residential. It’s possible that you tried one of these options in the past, when a more intense, longer-lasting program was actually needed.

Set Goals

Any good addiction recovery plan will include goal-setting. These will provide incremental motivators for you to stay on track and believe in your ability to stay clean and sober. A goal of getting through one day without a relapse might stretch into a goal of one week without a relapse, one month, a year, and so on. Other goals might include finding a job, a home, a vehicle, or going back to college.

Find Accountability Partners

Embrace your counselors and fellow addicts you will meet in your addiction recovery treatment program. These may be the only friends you have at the current time. These people will certainly be among the few who will truly understand where you are coming from. Their friendship and support can make all the difference in keeping you on track in your treatment program. Ideally, find one person in particular to act as a mentor or “accountability partner”.

Celebrate During Addiction Recovery

Don’t hesitate to celebrate even the smallest victories. Each time you reach a goal you have set for yourself, reward yourself in some way. It is OK to discuss this openly with others and talk about your successes in addiction recovery. Doing so will help you feel more pride in yourself and, in the process, may even help others who are addicted.