Addiction Treatment For Women

Women and Alcohol or Drug Addiction

Addiction Treatment For WomenFor many women in society today, alcohol and drug addiction poses a major threat to their health and well-being.  The numbers of women who are succumbing to these addictions are continually growing in the US and where addiction treatment for women programs are concerned, this poses additional problems that many of the traditional addiction treatment and recovery centers are not geared to handle.  The issues underlying a woman’s addiction to alcohol and drugs go far beyond those with men.

Addiction Treatment For Women Is Successful

For instance, women who are suffering with alcohol and drug addiction have faced critical circumstances during their lives.  Research involving women and addiction has revealed that roughly 70% of women who have abuse and addiction issues have past histories of reported physical and sexual abuse.  Additionally, they are more prone to alcohol and drug addiction when this was evident in other related family members.  One way or the other, these past life traumatic experiences are at the root of their addictions most of the time and the need of addiction treatment for women is at hand.

These traumatic experiences from the past lead to lower self confidence and self esteem in women, so they turn to alcohol and/or drugs as an escape from these.  They also feel that they are powerless to overcome these addictions so many deny that a problem exists or that they are in need of help.  As a result, more treatment and recovery centers have implemented addiction treatment for women since their needs are different from men.

Women With Addictions Turn To Us For Help

Our treatment and recovery referral service can help women with alcohol and drug addictions because we list hundreds of successful addiction treatment for women programs throughout the US that we can refer them to.  One of the key issues that we addressed was that having an addiction did not make the individual any less of human being than the non-addicted person.  We also wanted to create and develop a referral service that could assist anyone regardless of what substance they were addicted to.

Another aspect we took into consideration is the fact that addiction attacks individuals around the clock and never rests.  That is why we have made our addiction treatment for women and recovery referral service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No matter what time of the day or night it is, you can be assured of getting in touch with us to help you with any information you are looking for and to answer all of your questions.

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