Christian Addiction Treatment

What Are Christian Addiction Treatment Programs?

Christian Addiction TreatmentChristian addiction treatment programs offer much more to the addicted individual when they enter these programs compared to the conventional treatment methods and recovery therapies that you find in the traditional facilities.  The key difference is that they cater to those individuals who were born into and raised in their particular faiths and wish to get back onto their spiritual paths that their substance addiction has derailed them from.

They enable the client to enhance their treatment and recovery process with biblical teachings as well as the writings of Jesus Christ.  In so doing, client is assured of getting back onto that spiritual path again so that they can walk it the rest of their lives, free from the substance that was ravaging their bodies.  There are numerous addiction treatment and recovery facilities that now offer Christian addiction treatment programs.  However, not all of them provide sufficient help to the addicted person.

All too often, these are the more traditional addiction treatment and recovery facilities that still rely on out-of-date conventional methods and therapies which fail 80% of the time.  Granted, the individual with spiritual needs can benefit from entering a Christian addiction treatment program as far as being exposed to the Bible and Christ’s writings, but without certain other aspects in place, they are not going to enable the client a successful recovery.

It takes more than addressing the physical aspects of the addiction and the spiritual needs of the client.  This is the primary reason that the traditional Christian addiction treatment center fails.  There are underlying issues to every addiction whether they are behavioral or psychological.  Additionally, consequences resulting at the emotional and mental levels of the addiction need to be addressed as well.

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From the very beginning, we realized that no two individuals were ever alike any more than their addictions or the different levels of the damage that occurs.  When a person is addicted to any substance, there is damage to the emotional and mental levels and the individual needs help and support at those levels as well.  We only list the most successful Christian addiction treatment programs in the US so you can be assured of getting the total package when you are referred to one of these.

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