Holistic Addiction Treatment Center

Why Is There A Need For A Holistic Addiction Treatment Center?

Holistic Addiction Treatment CenterThe primary reason for the onset of the holistic addiction treatment center was to address the certain specific needs of addicted individuals that the traditional addiction treatment and recovery centers failed to provide their clients with.  If you are unaware of the Holistic philosophy, it is based on the theory that in order to successfully treat an addiction and recover from it that it needs to heal the body, mind, and the spirit.  As a result, more and more of these addiction treatment and recovery centers have come into being.

The key to the success of the better holistic addiction treatment center is the fact that the mind and the soul are addressed as well as the body.  The Holistic treatment and recovery process also involves other key aspects that the traditional addiction treatment and recovery centers oftentimes overlook or even ignore.  They offer alternative therapies that the other facilities do not including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Healthier, more nutritional changes in the individual’s diet
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Spiritual counseling

The underlying premise is that by attacking all of the possible causes of the individual’s addiction, they can be treated quicker and experience a total recovery so that when they return to society, they remain substance-free for life.  The failure of the traditional addiction treatment and recovery facilities lies in the fact that they still use conventional methods and therapies as well as applying a one-size-fits-all approach with their clients.

Obviously, this approach is ineffective since no two individuals nor is the type and consequences of their addictions.  Rather than employ a broader spectrum for addiction treatment and recovery, the traditional facilities impose a strict framework on their clients.  The Holistic addiction treatment center finds the underlying cause of the addiction by looking at all the symptoms and then applying the necessary treatment.  In so doing, they have typically witnessed much higher success rates than their traditional counterparts.

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Although the holistic addiction treatment center addresses considerably more aspects of addiction treatment and recovery than the traditional ones, not all of them experience significantly higher success rates.  Our addiction treatment referral service has carefully researched Holistic drug rehabs nationwide and only those with the highest success rates in the US.

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