Holistic Addiction Treatment Program

Understanding The Holistic Addiction Treatment Program Approach

Holistic Addiction Treatment ProgramIn past years, the holistic addiction treatment program has grown in popularity.  The reason for this is because they utilize far more effective methods of treatment and more innovative recovery therapies than the traditional addiction treatment and recovery center.  The holistic approach brings the addicted individual an inner peace that their addictions have robbed them of over their years of suffering.

Success rates are considerably higher with this type of program as well which has been witnessed by the fact that the majority of the clients who have undergone a holistic addiction treatment program have remained substance-free without relapsing.  It is this regaining of inner peace that is the key point which is taught and stressed in this type of treatment and recovery process.  Additionally, it stresses bridging the gap between addiction and inner peace by accepting and enlisting a higher power to help.

The failure of the traditional addiction treatment and recovery centers lies in certain facts such as:

  • Insisting that the client accept their methodologies and recovery therapies
  • Using conventional treatment methods and recovery therapies that are considered to be out of date at best
  • Not providing their clients with the tools necessary which will enable them a successful recovery so they do not relapse when they return to society
  • Overlooking deeper seated needs of the client such as their emotional and/or spiritual needs

A holistic addiction treatment program also provide the client with different alternative venues to assist with the treatment and recovery process including acupuncture, healthy adjustments to diet, meditation, spiritual counseling, and even yoga.

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