Illinois Addiction Treatment

If you have a loved one who is addicted to alcohol or drugs, it is difficult to sit by and watch their life ruined by poor choices. You want to help them get better and regain control of their life, but you can’t. Illinois addiction treatment can help, but you cannot make that choice for your loved one.

Set Boundaries

Illinois Addiction TreatmentWithout lecturing, state briefly that you are aware the addiction exists, it is hurting you and it is hurting them and you need help like what you would receive at an Illinois addiction treatment center. Let the addict know up front what your boundaries are. For instance, you love and want to be around him or her, but will not do so when it is clear they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Make it clear what the consequences for their actions will be. You cannot punish them, but you can set boundaries. This may be in regards to money, shelter, or any number of other things. You cannot live your life for the addict. You cannot let the addict consume all your time and energy. Set boundaries to protect your life from becoming consumed with an addiction to helping the addict.

Be Consistent With Illinois Addiction Treatment

A time will come when your boundaries will be tested. The addict will do something just to see if you are serious. Your actions must line up with your words. Without consistency, your word is nothing and any addict will know they can walk all over you. By being consistent with the addict and following through on your promises, you may, in a roundabout way, be able to push them to the point where they are ready to enter Illinois addiction treatment.

Be Supportive

If you love the addict and want him or her to get well, then do not turn your back. You must be supportive as much as possible, without sacrificing your boundaries. And if the addict decides to enter Illinois addiction treatment, then support them throughout the entire process. You can encourage the addict to go to Illinois addiction treatment and you can even stage a formal intervention, but ultimately the final decision rests with the addict.

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