Indiana Addiction Treatment

So it’s clear that your loved one has a problem with addiction. Should you look at Indiana addiction treatment? Well, the answer depends on your circumstances. Factors like the type and intensity of the addiction, as well as your own geographical location, can help you decide whether Indiana addiction treatment programs are the best option for you.

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Indiana Addiction TreatmentOutpatient treatment allows recovering addicts to receive the necessary counseling and therapy during business hours and then return home overnight instead of staying in a treatment center. This type of addiction treatment is best for mild or moderate addictions to less strong substances like alcohol and marijuana. If a recovering addict resides in Indiana and decides to enter outpatient addiction treatment, then an Indiana addiction treatment program would obviously be best.

Other types of Indiana addiction treatment include inpatient and long-term residential. They both involve overnight stays in a treatment center with around-the-clock care. The primary difference between the two is the duration of the program. Inpatient typically lasts no more than three months, but can run up to a year. Long-term residential lasts six months to two years, and is better suited for very serious, life-threatening addictions to hard drugs like heroin or meth. Studies have shown that staying in a treatment for at least three months has the greatest success rate.

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If a recovering addict in Indiana decides to enter an inpatient or long-term residential treatment program, it may be beneficial for them to look out of state. Indiana addiction treatment centers may be too close to the old stomping grounds, too close to the old drug dealers and drug-addicted friends. The change of scenery in an out-of-state facility can provide a much-needed distraction and removal from the old temptations. This allows the addict to focus on getting well and living the most productive, healthiest life possible at an Indiana addiction treatment center.