Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Different Types of Inpatient Addiction Treatment Programs To Choose From

Inpatient addiction treatment programs are by far the best, and most successful, when it comes to addiction treatment and recovery. Alcoholism in the US poses a major public health threat and there are many medical cases involving serious illnesses that are alcohol related being reported every year.  Alcohol addiction can have some serious consequences over long periods of abuse such as cancer, heart disease, and irreversible damage to the liver.  It impairs your judgment and clouds the decision-making process as well.  Most importantly, it not only damages the addicted individual, it destroys relationships with the family members and loved ones around them.

Inpatient Addiction TreatmentToday, there are hundreds of alcohol rehab programs available.  Unfortunately, not all of them have high rates of success because they use conventional addiction treatment and recovery methods that do not address an individual’s specific needs.  There are basically two types of alcohol addiction treatment and recovery programs.  There are in-patient addiction treatment programs or residency programs and there are out-patient ones.  The inpatient addiction treatment programs target the addicted individual who has a long-term problem with alcohol and require a more thorough treatment and recovery program.

Unfortunately, many of the inpatient addiction treatment programs are conducted at the more traditional facilities that still rely on conventional methods and therapies while treating every client with a one-size-fits-all approach to alcohol addiction.  No two individuals are ever alike and neither is the depth of their addictions, so these conventional methods fail a majority of the time.  The result is that after the person leaves the addiction treatment and recovery center, they oftentimes relapse into their addiction after returning home.

The more successful inpatient addiction treatment programs do not have the appearance of a clinic or a hospital the way the traditional facilities do.  They welcome their clients into a more residential atmosphere and provide them with a homelike environment to recover in.  Additionally, they address issues that the traditional facilities tend to neglect such as emotional and psychological problems, not just the physical consequences.  These in-patient addiction treatment programs typically last 28 days.  However, that depends on the severity of the addiction and how many years the abuse has continued.

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