Residential Addiction Treatment Center

If you have been looking at getting help for your addiction, you are well aware that many options exist. One such option, the residential addiction treatment center, comes in many varieties. It may be difficult to choose this route because it requires a lot of time completely removed from home and work. It is a serious interruption of one’s life, though well worthwhile in the end because it can actually prolong one’s life by intervening before addiction has the final say.

A Residential Addiction Treatment Center That Works

Residential Addiction Treatment CenterIf you have had trouble getting clean and staying clean in the past, then residential addiction treatment center may be for you. It is also possible that you have co-occurring mental or physical disorders so severe that you require around-the-clock care for more than 30 days. A residential addiction treatment center can take the burden of care off your family and friends, and ensure your physical safety while you work on getting clean and sober.

The first step in choosing a residential addiction treatment center is research. Browse the Internet, check the yellow pages, and consult with experienced addiction counselors, family and friends for referrals to a good program. Compile a list and write the basic pros and cons of each, based on what information you can cull from your sources.

The second step in choosing a residential addiction treatment center is to tour several facilities. You need to experience the atmosphere, staff personalities, and the interaction among residents first-hand to establish whether each facility might be a good fit for you.

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Lastly, ask questions of the staff at each facility regarding their treatment approach, addiction philosophy, etc. Do they react openly and honestly to your questions? Do you observe the staff interacting in a friendly way with yourself and others? Are they helpful and accommodating, or closed and vague? This staff will be your greatest ally or worst enemy in treatment, so study them carefully. When you find the residential addiction treatment center that’s right for you, you will know it. You will be comfortable with the geographical location, staff, size, and treatment approach, and you will know this is meant to be your home away from home with the right residential addiction treatment center.