Alcoholic Rehab Center

Alcoholic Rehab Center

The 4 Stages of An Alcoholic Rehab Center

Entering into an alcoholic rehab center is the beginning of a 4-stage journey for the addicted individual who has admitted that they have an alcohol addiction problem and have reached out for help so they can be treated and fully recover.  These four stages, if properly developed will enable the addicted individual to be treated and recover successfully so they maintain their clean and sober lifestyle for years to come.

Alcoholic Rehab CenterWhat most individuals with an alcohol addiction fail to realize or are oftentimes not taught is that treatment and recovery is not finished once they leave the alcoholic rehab center they were enrolled in.  Recovery is a lifelong process and never ends if the person has any hope of remaining substance-free for life.

The following is a list of the 4 stages of alcohol addiction treatment and recovery:

  1. Initiation of treatment – considered the first stage of treatment and recovery, this usually involves the detoxification process as well as when the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol addiction hit the hardest.
  2. Early alcohol abstinence – another tough stage of the treatment and recovery process wherein you have to commit yourself to never taking another drink.  During this stage, your counselor or therapist will usually start teaching you the coping skills necessary to dealing with abstinence from alcohol.
  3. Maintaining alcohol abstinence – this stage typically starts within 90 days of the early abstinence stage.  If you have enrolled in a residential program at an alcoholic rehab center, this is where you will begin the follow-up counseling phase of the alcohol addiction treatment and recovery process.
  4. Advanced recovery stage – the 4th and final stage of alcohol addiction rehab and recovery which begins after roughly 3 to 5 years of continual abstinence from alcohol.  This is where you will need to put the skills and tools you learned from the counselor at the alcoholic rehab center to their intended use.

Find The Right Alcoholic Rehab Center

Finding an alcoholic rehab center with the best addiction treatment and recovery program is not an easy task as there are literally hundreds of them available in the US today.  Not only does this make your decision more challenging, it can get extremely frustrating in the process to the point where you just feel like giving up instead.  Don’t give up.  Our alcohol and drug addiction referral service offers new hope to individuals that are in the same predicament that you are and can find you a program that will work for you.

Please Contact Us About An Alcoholic Rehab Center

Alcoholic Rehab CenterIf you would like more information regarding an alcoholic rehab center program that is best suited to your individual needs, please contact us today at our toll-free phone number.  We are always here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.