Effective Alcohol Rehab Programs

Effective Alcohol Rehab Programs

There are many types of treatment options for alcoholics, but effective alcohol rehab programs share certain characteristics. Finding a program that meets the following criteria can make a tremendous difference in a person’s chances of long-term success.


In effective alcohol rehab programs, there are counselors. There are staffers who have won their own battles with alcoholism. There are other recovering alcoholics going through the programs who have success stories of their own. When alcoholics enter treatment, they are surrounded by encouragement. This encouragement should, however, be tempered with accountability and tough love. Encouragement doesn’t have to be enabling, and practically all alcohol rehab programs will be able to discern between the two.Effective Alcohol Rehab Programs


Without structure, a recovering alcoholic will find it very difficult to recover and enjoy long-term success. An alcoholic’s life often has no structure, and effective alcohol rehab programs are supposed to provide a turning point. Therefore, a structured schedule is necessary to keep recovering alcoholics on track day to day. It will help keep them focused on goals, focused on forward progress. Most importantly, it will help keep their minds off the alcohol addiction.


Aftercare is truly a critical part of effective alcohol rehab programs. It involves ongoing counseling and therapy after the intensive treatment has ended and the recovering alcoholic is returning to normal daily life. They will still experience a lighter level of counseling to help them adjust to the stresses and temptations of life after treatment. Even if a treatment program does not offer aftercare, a recommendation should be made regarding where recovering alcoholics can receive continued care – even if it’s a weekly support group.