AlcoholismAlcoholism can sneak up on you. It often becomes evident to other people long before the alcoholic realizes it. In fact, alcoholics are often so convinced they don’t have a problem that the mere suggestion of alcoholism can send them into a defensive rage. After all, they started out just like anyone else – drinking occasionally at social gatherings or special celebrations. But, for whatever reason, their drinking escalated into full-blown alcoholism.

Alcoholism is a Very Dangerous and Harmful Addiction to Have

What Can Cause Alcoholism?

  • Sometimes it’s a matter of past or present psychological, emotional, or physical trauma.
  • Sometimes a co-occurring mental disorder exacerbates the alcoholic tendencies.
  • Sometimes it’s a simple matter of low self-esteem, physical pain or disappointment over one’s life circumstances.

Whatever the reason for alcoholism, it often creeps in slowly. It starts as an occasional – and then gradually a more frequent – way to dull the pain and disappointment.

Alcoholism is sad, hopeless, and depressing. Loneliness can quickly set in as loved ones distance themselves from the alcoholic. Many people don’t know how to relate to an alcoholic, don’t know what to say, and also may not be interested in keeping the same hours as an alcoholic. For instance, alcohol abuse can cause insomnia at night, causing the alcoholic to sleep all day – especially if they’re unemployed.Alcoholism

More Information About Alcoholism:

There is, however, such a thing as a functional alcoholic, albeit barely functioning. They keep their job, maintain relationships, and even drive their own car. They sneak their alcohol in at various points in the day, and simply haven’t gotten caught by authorities or supervisors.

Where Can I Find Help for Alcoholism?

If alcoholism has taken over your life, there is help. We can help find a rehab where you will be surrounded by other people who have been where you are, and understand the difficulties. We can help you find  a supportive and caring environment where you can focus solely on turning your life around and finally beating the alcoholism addiction.