Alcoholism Treatment Programs

How does one know what to look for in alcoholism treatment programs? Having never been through this before, it can be helpful to seek advice from those who have. If you have previously tried alcoholism treatment programs without success, reflect on your past experiences to help determine what truly need or want in a treatment plan. There are many varieties of alcoholism treatment programs, so don’t rule them all out because of one bad experience.

Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment Programs

Alcoholism Treatment ProgramsThis type of treatment is conducted on an outpatient basis, typically during business hours. It provides less intensive treatment and counseling, and typically does not involve on-site detox. Outpatient programs will, however, contract with third-party partners to offer detox services off-site. While all alcohol addictions are serious, outpatient treatment is typically geared toward the addictions that are less intense and prolonged.

Inpatient Alcoholism Treatment Programs

Inpatient treatment is ideal for more prolonged, intense addictions. Here, you will find around-the-clock supervision, room and board, medical care, intense counseling, detox services, longer length of treatment, and typically a higher cost as well. Inpatient alcoholism treatment programs are ideal for alcoholics with addictions that are prolonged and intense. It is also ideal for those who have severe co-occurring disorders or who have tried other programs in the past without success.

Long-Term Residential Alcoholism Treatment Programs

This treatment option is essentially a prolonged version of inpatient alcoholism treatment. Whereas inpatient programs can last three months to six months on average, long-term residential programs run up to a year or more. In these cases, the alcohol addiction has been so debilitating and any co-occurring disorders are so severe that there is very little quality of life remaining. Long-term residential alcoholism treatment programs work to restore the hope for a better future, little by little.

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Alcoholism treatment programs can vary in other ways too, like detox approach and addiction philosophy. Of course, cost can vary and so can qualifications. Always check into the licensing and qualifications of the facility and its staff before choosing your program.