Drug Detox

The importance of choosing the best drug detox facility to help you beat your drug addiction cannot be overstated. Not all drug detox facilities are the same and not all facilities are the right fit for everyone.
Here are a few tips to help you choose the best drug detox facility.

Type of Drug Detox Facility

Drug DetoxThere are three general types of drug detox facilities. The severity of your addiction will help determine the necessary intensity of the drug detox. This will also help determine which type of facility will work best for you.

An outpatient facility is best for those whose drug detox and recovery can be handled without a great deal of interruption of daily life. An inpatient drug detox facility is more serious and will involve a stay at a facility during your drug detox and recovery for a period of one week to one month. A long-term residential facility is more serious still and will involve a stay in a facility that will generally last several months, possibly as long as a year or more.

Location of the Drug Detox Facility

Many experts recommend, especially if the addiction is rather severe, that you go to a drug detox facility that is out of your state and away from your current environment. Drug detox can be difficult and temptations need to remain far away. Success rates are higher if you get away from the world of your addiction while you recover to guard against relapse.

Environment of the Drug Detox Facility

The environment of the drug detox facility includes not only the physical surroundings, but also the doctors, staff and their philosophy. You need to ask yourself if the personnel make you feel comfortable. Are you comfortable in the physical surroundings? Also, each drug detox facility will have a philosophy or spirituality. Some are spiritual, while others are specifically religious and others still have no religious or spiritual aspect at all.