Rapid Detox

Rapid DetoxYou have probably heard of rapid detox, but because it is a recent advancement in addiction treatment, you probably don’t know much about it. In the past decade, advancements have made it possible to decrease the amount of time one has to endure the detox process.

Much more is now understood concerning the biochemical and genetic basis for addiction and this has led to a wider variety of detox methods in order to treat these addictions. Rapid detox has evolved out of this understanding.

How Long is Rapid Detox?

Detox in the past would generally take 10 days or more, depending upon the drug and the severity of the addiction. With rapid detox, the time period is generally in the area of three to 10 days. There is also something known as ultra rapid detox, in which anesthesia is given and the detox period can be as short as four to 24 hours.

Benefits of Rapid Detox

Specific medications are given to help counteract the sometimes vicious withdrawal symptoms that can occur during the detox process. Rapid detox is effective in limiting or even removing withdrawal symptoms from the process of drug detox. It is the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that cause many to drop out of addiction treatment and also the reason many forgo treatment all together.

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By shortening the detox period and making the withdrawal symptoms more manageable, rapid detox is helping to increase the success rates of detox centers that use rapid detox as a method to treat a wide variety of serious addictions.