22 Jun 2011
June 22, 2011


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DilaudidDilaudid is prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe pain that is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain reliever and also called opioids which is similar to morphine. The Dilaudid works by sticking to certain receptors in the brain and nervous system to reduce pain. It could be habit-forming and should be taken the way the doctor prescribed and you should never share the drug.

Dilaudid Should Be Kept Away From Reach

It should be put away so that no one can get to it. You should never drink alcohol because it can cause dangerous side effects and even could cause death. You should also check your food and medicine labels to make sure they don’t have alcohol in them. If you think that the Dilaudid has stopped working you should tell your doctor . Follow the directions on your prescription label and never take more than you are suppose to. The drug could cause you not to think clearly so you should not drive or do anything where you have to be alert.

Dilaudid Withdrawal Symptoms Can Be Threatening

You should never just stop taking the drug because you could go through Dilaudid withdrawal symptoms. You don’t need to take the Dilaudid if you have an allergic reaction to narcotic medication. Dilaudid can be habit forming and should be use by the person written to. If you have missed a dose you should take it as soon as you remember. Take the Dilaudid with a full glass of water. If you overdose some symptoms may include cold and clammy skin, confusion, extreme drowsiness, weak pulse and shallow breathing. If anyone you know is addicted to Dilaudid you should help them get some help immediately.