Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine is one of the most powerful addictions, nearly impossible to stop without cocaine addiction treatment. It is intense, expensive, and highly destructive – yet none of that matters to the person who is within its grasp. The first step is to rid the body of all residual toxins from the cocaine usage, and that is where cocaine addiction treatment can help.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Detox

Cocaine Addiction TreatmentSome programs use an all-natural approach to detox – for instance, using a sauna to “sweat out” the toxins and expedite the recovery process. Others use a medicinally-assisted approach in a clinical environment. Either way, medical supervision should be provided. Otherwise, cocaine addiction treatment detox can be harmful to the addict’s health. The addict will experience some combination of the following symptoms during the three to six days of detox: sweating; nausea; hostility; hallucinations; shaking; vomiting, etc. Without a licensed medical professional overseeing the process, an addict could die.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Success

Once the body is free of drug-related toxins, psychological and emotional healing can begin. A cocaine addiction treatment center will have a wide variety of tools to accomplish this mission. However, long-lasting success will require the recovering addict to engage in the treatment process. They will need to be self-motivated and take initiative to participate in the programs and services offered at the cocaine addiction treatment center. For long-term success, it is important to pick the right facility up front that best suits the addict’s individual needs. However, that success is also not possible unless the recovering addict really shows a desire to get better.