Drug Addiction Treatment

If someone you know needs drug addiction treatment, chances are good it’s painfully obvious to everyone but the addict. You may wonder how to convince your friend or loved one to enter drug addiction treatment, despite the fact that they seem blissfully unaware. However, you may also feel that silently continuing to watch your loved one ruin his or her life is also not an option. You want to take action, but don’t want to risk further upsetting an already fragile situation.

Drug Addiction Treatment Is A Choice

Drug Addiction TreatmentThe choice to enter drug addiction treatment, to embrace it and succeed at it, rests with the recovering addict alone. Any discussions you enter into with the addict, mentally prepare yourself that you cannot control the outcome. There are, however, certain strategies you can implement to ensure greater odds of a successful, productive conversation.

Drug Addiction Treatment and Timing Is Everything

Do not try to discuss drug addiction treatment with a person who is high. Instead, choose a time when they are relatively sober, if possible. Consult with an intervention specialist and/or addiction counselor before attempting the discussion. These qualified professionals can offer advice and guidance, having been down this road many times before.

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There are no magic words that will ensure your friend or loved one “sees the light” and agrees to enter drug addiction treatment. However, what will most certainly not work is language that is accusatory, guilt-inducing or blame-oriented. Avoid using words like “you” and “your,” and instead talk solely in the first-person. This seems a minor thing, but it has a huge impact on the addict’s receptiveness to your words. Say things like “I feel…” and “I worry about…” Speak from the heart and sincerely tell the addict about your concerns, making it clear that you are not trying to blame them or make them feel guilty but instead that you simply cannot stand by in silence any longer. Get professional help through drug addiction treatment now.