Pain Killer Addiction

Pain killer addiction is one of the most common of all addictions in the United States. Many people begin taking prescription pain killers without expectation of how it will affect them, but the reality is that a very strong pain killer addiction can form very fast.

Pain Killer Addiction Can Be Treated

Pain Killer AddictionPain killer addiction often starts innocently enough, as a legitimate medicine to address a legitimate need. However, before long the pain medication is no longer sufficient to treat the level of pain the patient is experiencing. Rather than consult the physician on other treatment alternatives, a person will begin self-medicating, increasing their dosage until the pain dissipates.

Pain killer addiction can even spiral downward to the point where a person is “doctor shopping,” finding new doctors to prescribe the pills whenever other doctors refuse to prescribe more. At some point, pain killer addiction may even lead a person to steal medication from friends and family members or buy pills illegally off the streets. That step can be particularly dangerous, because the type of pill and its composite ingredients are by no means guaranteed when dealing with street trafficking. The wrong pill at the wrong time – or the wrong combination of pills – can be deadly, and the drug dealer’s word alone is often the only thing an addict will have to go on.

Call Toll-Free For Help with A Pain Killer Addiction

Pain killer addiction is common because it is so socially acceptable. It is insidious for the very same reason. Because the pills are prescribed for pain, onlookers are slower to express concern about the level of usage. Knowing when to address a pain killer addiction is a relatively gray area, unlike socially unacceptable drug s like cocaine or heroin. If you suspect your loved one suffers from a pain killer addiction, discuss your concerns with an expert before addressing your friend or family member. The Drug Rehab is one of several pain killer addiction treatment facilities referrals waiting, ready to help your loved one on the road to recovery.