American Samoa Drug Rehab

American Samoa drug rehab programs were designed to help people overcome their addictions and get their life back to being drug-free. Up until the turn of the century, marijuana was the biggest issue in American Samoa where substance abuse and trafficking is concerned.  However, the importation and distribution of Methamphetamines has become a serious problem as well, necessitating the creation and development of drug rehab facilities for individuals addicted to these substances.  Most of these American Samoa drug dehab centers were not patterned after those treatment and recovery centers that employ alternative or more innovative programs and therapies to treat their clients.

As a result of the above, American Samoa drug rehab facilities are witnessing a failure rate of up to 80% for helping their clients maintain a healthier, substance-free lifestyle once they leave these rehab centers.  One of the primary reasons for this is most likely due to the location of this country, being a great distance from the United States.  It should be refreshing to know that our drug rehab referral service assists new clients for treatment and recovery from all over the world.  This includes individuals who have unsuccessfully completed a treatment and recovery program at a facility in American Samoa.

Our American Samoa Drug Rehab Referral Service Helps Individuals

American Samoa Drug RehabYou’re probably wondering how we can help you when you were unsuccessful in your efforts at another treatment and recovery facility in the past.  For many years now, our drug rehab referral service has been successfully referring individuals into treatment and recovery programs with some of the highest success rates in the US.  This is what separates us from other referral services.  Additionally, this is a testimonial as to how we have helped clients in the past, unlike failed attempts at an American Samoa drug rehab center.

What Separates Our Service From Others In The Market?

We have found through past research that there are several key factors that a successful program needs to focus on.  The following factors are common in all of the programs that our service refers clients into:

Appearance Of The Facility – most facilities today, including American Samoa Drug Rehab centers look to clinical or hospital like in appearance.  We refer our clients into facilities that were designed and constructed to look like a residential environment, therefore offering our clients a homelike setting to rehab in.

Providing Clients With “Recovery Tools” – traditional facilities such as American Samoa drug rehab centers, for example, only utilize the more conventional programs and therapies.  Unfortunately for the addicted individual, the results that occur are only temporary and they wind up relapsing back into their former addictions or even more severe ones.

Understanding The Psychology Behind The Client’s Addiction – substance abuse and addiction typically results from the onset of depression.  So it is critical to treat the damaging emotional and mental aspects of the addiction, not just the physical ones. Most traditional facilities are guilty of overlooking these 2 key aspects.

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TheDrugRehab American Samoa drug rehab referral service was designed to make it easier for people that are searching for the right American Samoa drug rehab facility that suits their needs.