Christian-Based Drug Rehabilitation

The Need For Alternative Christian-Based Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Christian-Based Drug RehabilitationChristian-based drug rehabilitation programs are some of the best programs that any strong Christian believer can go through to recover from their addiction and keep their faith at the same time. In the US today, one of the most serious public health threats is drug addiction.  In fact, the number of serious illnesses related to drug addiction has risen to some 40 million cases annually.  Additionally, deaths due to drug overdose and violent crimes associated with drug distribution and trafficking is on the rise as well.  It makes sense that the number of Christian-based drug rehabilitation facilities has grown in conjunction with the above statistics.  However, many of them are still patterning themselves after the traditional drug rehab centers.

This presents a problem for the individual who is addicted to a controlled substance and wants to stop suffering from their addictions because the traditional treatment and recovery center does not address certain issues necessary to a successful recovery.  These elements include the following:

  • Traditional drug rehab facilities look like clinics or hospitals which is very intimidating to the individual who is looking for help
  • These facilities rely on out-of-date, conventional treatment and recovery therapies that result in an 80% failure rate (meaning that 4 out of 5 clients eventually relapse when they return to society
  • They don’t offer alternative rehab therapies that target a person’s emotional, psychological, and even spiritual needs
  • Behavioral and psychological disorders underlying the addiction are not addressed

Christian-Based Drug Rehabilitation Programs Address The Spiritual Needs Of The Client

One of the primary alternative addiction treatment and recovery programs that have been necessitated based on the above information is the Christian-based drug rehabilitation.  These are geared to the addicted individual who is looking for help and wants to return to their spiritual paths by enhancing their treatment and recovery with the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of these programs available.  However, our addiction treatment referral service is aware of the ones that are in every state.

We can refer you to Christian-based drug rehabilitation programs that have some of the highest success rates in the US so that you can be assured of healing from your addiction and be able to walk your spiritual path again.  We have compiled a list of these types of programs in every state in the country and have built strong business relationships with all of them.  Our goal is to see to it that you get the help that you need so that once you have completed the program and return to your community, you will never have to worry about relapsing back into your addiction again.

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