Connecticut Drug Rehab

Connecticut Drug RehabConnecticut drug rehab is the best place for any person to go that is suffering at the turmoils of addiction and are desperately in need of help. The DEA has recently stated that Cocaine and Heroin (Crack and powder form) comprise the state of Connecticut’s most serious substance addiction and trafficking problems.  This is most likely due to the state’s proximity to New York City as well as its airports and ports of entry.  The state is also located on the I-95 corridor which witnesses drug trafficking from as far north as Boston to Miami in the south.  So it makes sense that Connecticut would also have its issues with addiction to these substances.

Additionally, it also follows suit that as addiction cases coincide with the amount of these substances being distributed into and trafficked through this state that a need for more Connecticut drug rehab facilities would arise as well.  The sad part is that despite the fact that more rehab centers are coming into existence, these are still being patterned after the traditional treatment and recovery facilities which are approximately 80% ineffective in providing an individual with a successful recovery from their addictions.

Why Is Our Connecticut Drug Rehab Referral Service So Successful?

There are a number of aspects underlying our drug rehab referral service that separates us from any other and makes us more successful than other referral services.  However, the primary one is the fact that we can refer you to a drug rehab program that targets your specific needs and is customized to treat your particular addiction so you can fully recover and remain substance-free for life. We do this by listing only those programs that offer the following features and benefits:

  • The programs we refer a client into are innovative alternatives to the conventional therapies that are ineffectual.  This is proven by the fact that these programs render some of the highest success rates anywhere in the US, no matter what state they are located in.
  • These facilities, as well as any information about them, are continually being updated so that you are ensured of receiving the most accurate information possible.
  • We will refer you into programs that will accept clients from Connecticut drug rehab facilities who were unsuccessful in their attempts at become substance-free whether you want to enroll in one locally or out of state.

Call Us Today About A Connecticut Drug Rehab Referral

Regardless of whether or not you choose one of the programs that we have referred other clients to, we are always here to assist you in anyway we can 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We have tons of research to ensure that only those programs which result in success are offered to potential clients.  Additionally, our caring and licensed staff knows how to locate a Connecticut drug rehab program that will target your specific needs or that of a family member, friend, or loved one.