Drug Rehabilitation Facility

If you are facing the need for drug rehabilitation, you certainly want to be in the most capable hands. You will probably wonder what type of drug rehabilitation facility is the best. The answer to that question depends upon several variables. You can choose between two general types of drug rehabilitation facility.

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Facility

Drug Rehabilitation FacilityInpatient drug rehabilitation facilities are for those facing a rather severe addiction. It can provide treatment for everything from alcoholism to so-called “hard drugs” like heroine and methamphetamine. It involves a stay in a residential drug rehabilitation facility and generally more intensive treatment and oversight.

The downside of an inpatient drug rehabilitation facility is that you will have to take a leave of absence from your job, you will have to leave your home, and fulfilling family obligations will be put on hold until you are clean and sober.

Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Facility

Outpatient drug rehabilitation facilities generally treat those whose addiction is not quite as severe. With outpatient care, you can still go to work and be with your family, you simply go to scheduled treatment and counseling sessions at a drug rehabilitation facility. It does allow you more freedom, but if your addiction is severe, that freedom may actually keep you from getting clean.

Other Variables

It is best if you choose a drug rehabilitation facility that has special expertise in your type of addiction. For example, if you have a drug abuse problem with methamphetamine, then you should go to a drug rehabilitation facility that has special expertise in methamphetamine addiction recovery.

Different drug rehabilitation facilities will have different treatment philosophies. Some take a religious approach, while others take a non-religious spiritual approach. Some focus solely on medical recovery and others take a natural approach with no medications. The best drug rehabilitation facility for you is one that falls in line with your own philosophy.

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Also consider whether you should get completely out of your current environment. Many experts suggest a drug rehabilitation facility that is out of your state, or at least out of your local area. Remember that this decision is up to you. You will have the final say, and it is important to your eventual recovery to choose the drug rehabilitation facility that instills the most confidence in you.