Effective Drug Rehab Center

Drug rehab can vary slightly, depending on the program, but an effective drug rehab center will feature several key criteria. Some criteria may be more important than others, depending on the type, duration and intensity of the addiction.

Effective Drug Rehab Center Credentials

Effective Drug Rehab CenterThe center’s staff should be credentialed, especially if assisting with medical care during the detox process. Some states require the facilities themselves to obtain a government license or be monitored by some regulatory agency.

The Right Detox Approach

The type of drug addiction will factor heavily into deciding which type of detox approach is best. For instance, withdrawal from heroin can present severe physical symptoms, and is best assisted by the use of methadone, a harmless substance that eases the body’s letdown from an addiction as severe as heroin. With less intense addictions to less severe drugs, the natural detox option might be used to rid the body of toxins through profuse sweating in a sauna.

Dual Diagnosis

If addicts are entering an effective drug rehab center with several disorders besides the addiction, they will need specialized care. They should move along and search elsewhere if a center is not prepared to offer needed care for co-occuring disorders such as eating disorders, depression, schizophrenia, etc.


This is one of the most critical aspects of drug rehab. The addict will be on their own in the outside world, without reliance on drugs, for the first time in a long time. They will need follow-up care, counseling, meetings, etc. At the very least, aftercare will provide morale support and accountability.

Success Rate

What is the drug rehabilitation center’s success rate and dropout rate? While there are certainly many factors that can go into this, some beyond the center’s control, this can indicate whether this is an effective drug rehab center.


Does the drug rehab center take a stand that addiction is a disease or choice? Is there a religious or government affiliation? While these things should be considered, the most important factor is whether the center takes a loving, non-judgmental, supportive approach to addiction recovery. Does the center put the addict’s safety, health and well-being first? Failure to do so can have severely detrimental effects on the recovery process that might never be overcome at these types of effective drug rehab center locations.

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