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South Dakota’s Current Drug Problem

South Dakota drug rehab was established to help any person overcome their addiction problems and learn to leave their life drug-free again for good. The DEA recently stated in their 2009 report regarding the state of South Dakota that the number one illegal substance distributed and trafficked throughout the state is still Methamphetamine.  Additionally, the demand for this substance has continued to grow over the past several years as well, leading to more instances of abuse, addiction, and violent crimes associated with this substance.  The second substance of choice is Marijuana which is readily available in most areas of South Dakota.

Additionally, Cocaine and Heroin continue to be concerns as well, though not as major as marijuana and methamphetamine.  Regardless, the incidences of abuse and addiction with these substances are growing in number.  So too are the number of South Dakota drug rehab centers that treat these addictions and help individuals recover from them.  The problem is that they have gotten quite plentiful and the number of choices available now has made the decision making process a difficult one to say the least.

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