23 Jun 2011
June 23, 2011

Hoarding Addiction

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Hoarding AddictionPeople who accumulate a large amount of stuff in their home are called hoarders and may have a hoarding addiction. A cluttered home is not the only thing a hoarder has to deal with. They usually have so much stuff that they have to make a pathway to get through the house. They usually have mountains of stuff piled up every where. When hoarding starts, it usually starts in one room then it takes over the whole house. They get more and more stuff until it is piled to the ceiling and their house is no longer a home.

Hoarding Addiction Can Make A Home Unbearable

Hoarding addiction causes the house to look unbearable and it becomes dangerous and accidents can occur because of the piles and piles of stuff. Then each room in the house stops its function because the stuff has covered it. Then the whole becomes a big trash bin and is no longer a home.

Hoarders suffer from a mental problem and it causes abnormal brain functioning and the hoarders are not lazy. Just like any addiction you can’t help a hoarder unless they want to help themselves. Hoarding addiction is like any addiction, you have to hit rock bottom first. To try to help them. You need to try to plan an intervention and call other friends or family and try to plan a time to confront the hoarder. The hoarder needs professional help. The hoarders feel like the things they have hoarded are their safety zone and if they don’t have them, they can’t live.

Hoarding Addiction Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Some of the things that people hoard are food, trash and animals. If the hoarder collects a lot of these thing their health could start to diminish. Hoarding addiction doesn’t have to control or take over your life. Help is just a phone call away.