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What Is Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction or problem gambling is technically known as “Ludomania.”  It is the uncontrollable urge of an individual to gamble regardless of what harmful consequences can result and with no desire to stop.  Most professionals prefer to use the above terminology (gambling addiction) to using “compulsive gambling”, as very few individuals described by that term rarely display compulsions as defined clinically.  The differentiation is that gambling addiction usually entails harm being experienced by the addict or the individuals around them. Read more on gambling addiction…

What Is Sex Addiction?

In technical terms, sex addiction refers to an individual’s inability to manage their sexual behavior. Despite the fact that sexologists have not universally accepted the concept of sexual addiction, it has oftentimes been debated based on its etiology, nature, and validity. It is oftentimes referred to as either “sexual compulsivity” or “sexual dependency.” Varying descriptions of the condition exist among the numerous proponents of the concept based on their individual perspectives of sexual addiction. Read more on sexual addiction…