13 Jul 2011
July 13, 2011

Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

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Signs Of Alcohol AddictionAlcohol addiction has many consequences here in this article you will learn of the signs of alcohol addiction. Drinking alcohol is very different from taking other drugs, such as opiates and narcotics. Drinking in the United States, just like in other countries, is a normalized part of a variety of societies. Sharing a glass of wine over a meal is considered normal. Whereas, popping a couple of narcotic painkillers with dinner would not be considered as normal.

Recognize The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

Because of alcohol’s normalcy in our society and because of its commonality among many cultures, developing a drinking problem is harder to understand, accept, and treat compared to other abused drugs. Developing alcoholism or abusing alcohol can sneak up on a person, being aware of the signs and recognizing the presence of a problem will be the first step to cutting back and getting help. Here are a few signs that are evident when a person has a drinking problem:

  • Feeling guilty or ashamed about your drinking
  • Lying to others or hiding your drinking habits
  • Having family members or loved ones who are worried about your drinking
  • Having a need to drink in order to calm down or relax or even to feel better
  • Forgetting what you did while you were drinking or experiencing a “black out”
  • Typically drink more than you intended to

There is a marked difference between abuse and alcoholism. Alcohol abusers tend to have limits on their drinking but instead do it in large proportions that lead to negative consequences. Here are some signs of alcohol addiction:

  • Continuously neglecting your responsibilities because of drinking
  • Usually alcohol in situations that are extremely dangerous
  • Experiencing legal and financial troubles because of drinking
  • Continuing to drink when faced with relationship problems because of your drinking
  • Drinking as a way to de-stress or relax

Noticed Signs Of Alcohol Addiction Shouldn’t Be Ignored

If you or someone you know experiences these signs of alcohol addiction, a drinking problem may be present and help should be sought immediately.

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